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A head start to a winning business partnership

Being involved in the business and real estate investment fields since several years, I have attained success by putting my sound personal and professional values forward.
My integrity, determination, creativity and eagerness to learn allow me to work in synergy with my customers in order to always go the extra mile to fulfill the mandates that are assigned to me. My strong will to tackle challenging projects in accordance with proper rules and ethics makes me a competent, passionate and work driven real estate agent with whom developing a long term business relationship is a wining proposition.

I have a passion for the human aspect of things and consequently and I am honored to be involved in the Un Toit Pour Tous Foundation which offers aid all year long to women and children that are victims of domestic violence by turning over a portion of each of my retributions to this cause as well as being involved in various local charitable organizations and fund raising campaigns. Whether you want to sell your property, acquire a new investment or purchase a home, you are invited to contact me so we can launch the marketing effort necessary to make your sale a success or to get the search of your future acquisition off to a good start. By being judiciously advised and well informed about the latest market trends, you maximize your odds of concluding a successful transaction, in line with your goals.

Stéphanie Cancino
Residential real estate agent
(514) 605-5038